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Current ICF residential project in work - The Casa Bella Verde project. The primary object of the design team is to create a home that is beautiful, self-sustaining, green, and features the very newest technological advancements. Casa Bella Verde will serve as the model and resource center for the entire building industry to better understand the use and appreciation of the biggest movements in North America: Green building and home technology.


Sinclair Residence, Los Gatos, California
Sinclair Residence, Los Gatos, California
Aspendell Cabin project
Aspendell Cabin project, California
Lallo Residence
Lallo Residence, Eagle Point, Oregon
Casa Bella Verde
Casa Bella Verde project, El Dorado Hills, California
Buckingham House Buckingham House project, Pasadena, California
Norton Residence Norton Residence finished project, Redlands, California
Daughtery Residence Daughtery Residence project, Inyo County, California


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